Quarryville: Current Art Shows
Art Exhibits

Art Exhibit in the Carlson Cultural Room
Photographs by
Two Local Artists
Reception on Saturday, May 31st
from 1pm-3pm
The next art show at the Quarryville Library C. X. Carlson Gallery
will open with an artists’ reception on
May 31 from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM
The show will consist of photographs by two local artists. 
Nan Peasé Brammer of Drumore and Joe Hunt of Strasburg
are both active in the Lancaster Camera Club. 
Joe’s work will be focused on wildlife and sports photography
and Nancy will have photos of all subjects
(landscapes, people, musical themes and colorful abstracts)
as well as paintings on canvas and watercolor paper.

The reception will give you a chance to meet and talk with the artists.

Refreshments will be served. 

The show will continue to be available for viewing

in the library until the end of July during library hours.





About the Artists




Nan Peasé Brammer


Nan began her artistic life at the age of eight when she began to play the clarinet and also studied art with artist Lucia Comins, who was a Connecticut painter and teacher in the Greenwich school system.  She continued both artistic studies

through high school and college, taking art classes both in school and classes taught by area artists. She has painted in oils, watercolor and acrylics. She earned her Bachelor's degree at Oberlin College and her Masters degree at the University of Michigan.

From 1988-2002, Nan was active as a graphic artist for the Encore Society of Music where she was employed as the music director and executive director for the 50-piece wind orchestra. As part of her visual artistic duties for the concert season, she designed advertising promotional materials and ads for the concert program. She also painted watercolors and illustrated pen and ink drawings of the area historical buildings, all in connection with the Encore society's concerts designed to bring together the visual and aural arts. She also documented all the music society's events with her photographs.

Upon retirement from Encore in 2002, Nan and her husband moved to Lancaster, PA where she continues to perform on woodwinds professionally and pursues her visual artistic goals by participating in area art and photography shows. Based on her show participation at the Lancaster Camera Club, Nan was selected as ”2013 Photographer of the Year” in one of two photography categories. Nan is a creative artist for Cafe Press at www.cafepress.com/nansphotoart. She is an exclusive photographer at www.istockphtoto.com/2windspa. Her website for portrait painting of pets, people and homes is www.perfectphotoart.com. Starting this summer, Nan and her husband Joe Helveston will begin a new adventure traveling the country in their motor home performing concerts under the name of Wind Swept at the different RV resorts. Their program will encompass Irish Celtic music, blues, ragtime, popular tunes and some folk music on guitar to be sung with audience participation.





Joe Hunt


Joe started as a young teenager using a box camera and developing his own B&W photos in the basement but soon sports and other school activities took precedence.  Interest was renewed upon receiving a camera as a college graduation present but mainly taking family and vacation photos.  Serious interest would come and go while raising a family and working for a major Steel Corporation in Pittsburgh.  Near the end of his career, as  computers worked their way into the business world, he was fortunate to become his corporations representative to Apple Computers working with their computers and testing beta versions of their early programs.  Their relationship developed into a passion for the emerging world of computers.

So what does this have to do with his present passion for photography?  Retirement came at about the same time as the evolution of digital photography and digital imaging reached a level of sophistication that generated photographs with good quality.  His long time interest in photography re-emerged since he already possessed the back-end of what photography has become today.  All that was needed was a device to capture digital images since the processing end of the business was already in place.  Since that time a few digital cameras have been put to use and digital programs and upgrades added for handling these images on the computer.  This combined two fervent interests and now consumes most of his time that retirement has provided.

 He has varied interests in photographic subject matter but when pinned down wildlife and sports photography are his favorites.  Retired life provides the chance to travel and that presents many photographic opportunities.  As a result, he has given presentations and seminars relating to travel photography,  In short taking pictures is just a lot of fun and once in a while he claims “I got a good one”.  He enters many competitions and does OK in winning a few awards.  In this regard he was honored to be awarded “Photographer of the Year” in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 by Lancaster Camera Club.

 Joe has been given the privilege of doing photography for  the Lancaster Historic Preservation Trust annual edition of their architectural review magazine.  He has also been the photographer for Strasburg Restoration and Preservation Inc.  and for various events at the Strasburg RR.

Joe is Senior Associate of the Wilmington International Exhibit of Photography an honor that is bestowed upon photographers who have qualified twenty or more photos for this annual Juried Competition. This International competition is one of the largest in the US and in 2014 had 3500 entries from 40 countries. and he was awarded a blue ribbon for an entry in the Photo-journalism category in this completion.


He is excited to be able to share some of his photos in a venue so close to home.


 Previous photographic exhibitions include:


Lancaster County Art Association (one man show)


Isadore Gallery, Lancaster, PA (three man show)


Lancaster Museum of Art (Lancaster Lens)


Mulberry Art Studios (Lancaster Camera Club)

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